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All the best things come in small packages, and that can certainly be true when it comes to small businesses. This blog is all about small business news, for freelancers, self-employed workers, sole traders, and small business owners. Click on to this targeted business resource and find relevant news stories covering finance and funding, not forgetting a healthy slice of business advice on anything from marketing

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Michelin’s Total Performance Tyres and their Data Collection Initiative

The conditions and circumstances whilst driving can be difficult and are often varied, yet as the number of cars on the road is increasing Michelin are aiming to offer a consistent driving experience through the introduction of their all new Total Performance tyres. Michelin claims that these tyres will enhance the driving experience and suit the needs of all drivers no matter the conditions or circumstances

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The journey of a discarded piece of A4 paper

By the time a piece of paperwork lands on your desk or elsewhere in the office, that humble piece of A4 has already had quite a journey. Even if its constituent fibres have been through the recycling process several times it will usually have started life at a tree farm or commercial forest – hopefully an environmentally-friendly one that replants to replace the trees it uses.


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Why implement workplace drug testing

The many advantages of workplace drug testing

As they owe their employees a duty of care, one of the most important duties of all employers is to provide them all with a safe working environment. Employees have a right to be safe where they are working and though some professions are more dangerous than others, there should always be health and safety procedures in place to help

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Borrowing money to fund a new business?

Getting a new business off the ground is an exciting time for any would-be entrepreneur. It is also a time for much thought and some careful planning before the new business starts operating. Apart from the initial idea, which is the reason to start a business in the first place, it’s essential to get the financial aspects of the early days put in place.

Even good, thorough

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A look at Small Business Saturday

This is the week for “Small Business Saturday”. More gimmicks are coming up as people across the Atlantic try to make people to spend. However, this campaign goes beyond simply making people to incur expenditure. Started in the US in 2010 by the American Express, the Small Business Saturday is meant to encourage people to shop at their local stores and independent businesses throughout the country

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Chancellor set to make speech on regulating business rates

The BBC has learned that the chancellor will make a statement on Thursday in an effort to boost small and large businesses through regulating the business rates to stop further increases. The announcement will put a cap on increases in rates to fix them at 2% next year within England and Wales unlike having them change with changing inflation.

George Osborne is also expected to announce the

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A guide to CIS compliant payroll solutions

Any contractor or sub-contractor working in the construction industry needs to understand the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) in relation to their tax affairs. The CIS is a set of rules set out by Her Majesty’s Customs and Revenue (HMRC) – often referred to as the tax authorities – that detail how payments to sub-contractors for construction work must be handled.

The CIS can cover all the types

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Cold callers – what’s to be afraid of?

We’re so contactable these days. Whether it’s at home, on the work mobile or the smart phone we can’t bear to be apart from, we’re always waiting to be beeped at with a message from a friend or loved one (or dreading it ringing with our boss’s name on the display). Unfortunately, our constant availability puts us at risk of one of the most annoying things

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Shop prices in the UK fall again

For the sixth month in a row, the prices in UK shops fell in October despite the seemingly positive economic outlook, which has been met by reduced spending by UK consumers. There was a 0.5% reduction in UK shop prices, up from 0.2%, that was registered in September according to the British Retail Consortium.

The inflation on food products stood at 2.7% in October, an improvement from

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Are ‘Career Colleges’ the Key to Future Career Success?

It was suggested recently that the UK Government would look into the possibility of setting up a number of ‘career colleges’ around the country to try and coach young students into following through with a number of vocational skills to set them up for future careers. 14-year olds from around the country would be trained in areas such as healthcare and construction as well as studying

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