A Website: The Key To A Small Business Success

There are many advantages to having a website for your business and it could be said that it is now an essential part of your business strategy.

A website is a far cheaper way of advertising your business than the conventional ways.  You can say whatever you like about your business on your website, leave it there for as long as you want and change and update the information whenever necessary.  You will still need to use other forms of advertising to draw people to your website, but once they are there there is much more scope to engage them with your product.

The internet also has the advantage that it is worldwide.  You can reach potential customers from virtually any location and sell your products online without the need for customers to visit a physical shop in a particular location.  Sales are not limited by shop opening hours and your website can trade, or provide information to potential customers, every minute of every day.

You can use your website to sell advertising space to other businesses.  At the same time, you can use other websites to link back to your website, thus creating further avenues of traffic to your business.

Your website will be a convenient source of information to your customers, where they can research the products they want to buy from the comfort of their own homes.  You might find that if you do not have a presence on the internet, your customers will buy from your rivals who do.  You can also use your website to feature additional content that will draw people to your site for other reasons.  This can then lead to familiarity with your brand and more chance that they will buy from you.

One of the best ways to use your presence online is to interact with your customers. You can do this by taking advantage of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, where customers can do your advertising for you by ‘liking’ your business, products or services or retweeting information about you.  A Twitter presence can be a very effective way to spread the word about your business and engage with your customers.

You can also use your website to ask questions and carry out basic market research by conducting visitor polls and online surveys. The feedback you receive can help you improve on your product or business to better meet the needs of your customers.  Your website statistics will also be a source of valuable information.  These will tell you such things as how many people have visited your site, how they reached it and where they are located geographically.

To set up your website, you will need a domain name, a space to host your website and, most importantly, the content of your site. It is possible to set up a website yourself but there are many companies around who can help you to create a professional identity for your business.  Alternatively, you might be able to find an umbrella company freelancer who specialises in this type of work.