Adobe metrics not myths campaign to cut the BS

Digital marketing is everywhere; we can’t escape it as much as we want to and just sort of accept it now. The problem is the terminology and phrases used by the corporate fat cats to gloss over the fact that marketing is going down a very rocky path and is having less effect than it ever has. With this in mind, Internet giant Adobe have launched their own campaign to cut the BS, as they put it, and return marketing to what it once was.

Anyone could be forgiven for wondering what Adobe have to do with digital marketing, they bring us flash drives to improve graphics after all, until you discover that they are actually the parent company of, who deliver all the latest digital marketing news and trends online. In order to get the word out about their Metrics not Myths campaign, they have released a series of videos to get news of the campaign out to the masses.

One of these videos sees a marketing executive telling an employee that they have found a better way of analysing the data, and when the camera pans around we see the employee is in fact a robot.

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The affronted robot then points out that they have worked for the company for 5,732 days, to which the executive replies that it is good at the maths, but not so good on the actual analysis. The robot then adds 2 minutes and then 3 minutes onto its time of service, proving the point made by the exec.

The point behind Metrics not Myths is to get digital marketing back on the right track, and the first step is to go back to it being understood by those not in the industry, hence the BS factor. Digital marketing is not rocket science and should be understood by all, and that is what the Adobe campaign is aiming to do.