Adobe’s Metrics Not Myths Campaign

Anyone with a computer or mobile device that uses the internet will have heard of Adobe, the company that brings us the flash players needed to view visual content such as videos and digital marketing. They are currently running their Metrics not Myths campaign to try and untangle the mess that digital marketing is currently in, mainly due to the corporations behind it that have take such a valuable asset and turned it into a nightmare for all those who work behind the scenes to create the content we view.

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It makes sense that they have used the video medium to get their message across to the masses, and they have put together a series of 30 second shorts that are not only interesting and thought provoking but are also letting us know exactly what is going on in this cut throat world that seems to have well and truly lost it way thanks to rubbish that is being churned out by the corporations.

One such video shows a marketing executive on a psychiatrist couch looking anything but relaxed and saying that she is unsure as to whether her marketing campaign is working or not. The shrink asks her if she thinks it working, she replies she doesn’t know. He then asks her if she wants it to work, to which she replies yes, he tells her this is interesting then starts to write in his book. It then cuts to a screen that says to get real help go to Adobe Marketing Cloud.

With the technology available today there shouldn’t be this insecurity, it should be a fun area to work in with job assurance, but it isn’t. Adobe want it to be, and this campaign aims to get it back on track so it is a platform that is harmonious behind the scenes, and great fun for those who view it. A daunting task but if anyone can do it Adobe can.