Bio Base North West Europe to strengthen small business

The European Commission has launched a new 3 year project called Bio Base North West Europe is aimed to help create a stronger ‘bio based economy’ in the North West Europe (NWE) region.

In order to help meet their goals, Bio Base NWE has teamed up with Bio Base Europe to explain the importance of creating this type of economy. The group stated that an economy based on bio-growth would help to create a society that is not dependent so much on fossil resources as the only option for material needs and energy.

Ideally, Bio Base Europe would also like to see the creation of a bio-based industry via the use of several different renewable resources such as starch, biomass, cellulose, agricultural waste, and vegetable oils. It explained that these items could be use to create bioproducts, bio-energy, and biomaterials.

Bio Base NWE stated that in order to help reach this goal about £5.34m has been invested in the project and will be used to work with SMEs in the hope to turn new bio-based ideas into products that can be marketed.

In order to help bio-based SMEs get set-up in the NWE area, the Bio Base NWE will help offer education and training to SMEs to help combat the fact that there is a shortage of professionals in the area that are trained in bio-based industries.

At the center of the project will be a group of bio-innovation agents that will be tasked with meeting with SMEs every three months along with other stakeholders to discuss their work and advancement and what can further be done to promote their cause.

They will also meet to prepare activities and products together and to assess what else can be done by the SMEs.