Brand&Business produce new guide to business optimisation

Brand&Business are an organisation that specialise in financial and marketing services, and they have recently launched a new book which they are giving away free which is entitled the Insiders’ Guide to Business Optimisation. The book is in electronic format only and can be downloaded on the company’s website at

In this book there are a great deal of fascinating insights into some of the country’s best experts in marketing and finance, as well as people management. For those who are in charge of a business it is a great book to look into as it will allow you to drive your profits, increase efficiency and reduce your costs.

In the book there are over 50 entries by experts with some of their top tips for optimising your business. There is a great deal of marketing advice as well as some information about how to boost creative thinking in your company. In many ways this is a book not just about optimising business, but about optimising yourself so you run your business better.

Stuart Dawson, MD of Brand&Business said: “We collaborated with experts across the three core business principles; Money, Marketing and People. The result is an eBook that gets to the heart of each specific matter. The experts deliver five top tips and their own industry view for owner / managers to quickly understand the latest developments in business strategy.

At Brand&Business, we use our experience and exceptional network of talent to tailor financial, marketing and business strategies that yield clients the best results in the most cost-effective way. We call this unified optimisation and the eBook reinforces our core values of learning, sharing and adding increased value.”

Brand&Business has worked in partnership with The Hospital Club, London’s leading members club to the creative, media and technology industries to produce and distribute The Insiders’ Guide to Business Optimisation.

Sue Walter, CEO at The Hospital Club said: “Our philosophy at The Hospital Club is to Create, Connect, Collaborate… and the production of this eBook celebrates all that we stand for. We are delighted to support Brand&Business, share expert knowledge and create connections via what is a really useful and inspirational guide for businesses.”

The Insiders’ Guide is available for download as a PDF or can be viewed online

Brand & Business would love to hear from businesses with other tips or areas of expertise for future editions of the eBook. For businesses who would like to be considered for the next edition say

For further information on Brand&Business visit