Business lending campaign backed by PKF

A lending campaign has recently been backed by PKF, which was launched by the Member of Parliament Stephen McPartland. The offer is going to be extended around the country, and Mr McPartland has been contacting many of his colleagues in order to extol to them the benefits of the scheme, and what it could mean for their constituents around the country.

There is going to be a size criteria for businesses if they want an initial consultation, and this will help give them an idea of whether the finance is going to be a realistic option for them. It is also going to look at whether they require any funding in the future, and what future prospects the business has.

Funding is going to be provided depending on the individual circumstances of the business. This is going to be very good for businesses as will allow them to focus on getting exactly what they need, and not wasting money, or being inefficient.

Mr McPartland has commented, “This government is very supportive of small businesses, and we’re working very hard to make small businesses successful. By teaming up with PKF, we are providing a service for small businesses where they can find financing, because we really believe there is money out there for them, they just need to know how to access it.

I personally believe that small businesses are absolutely essential to our economy, and they are the real drivers of employment, and growth. This is the sort of project that will support this growth, and it is an important first step.”