Business of the year award goes to McDonald’s franchisee

Appt Corporation is headed by the managing director Atul Pathak , and he is responsible for 20 McDonald’s franchise restaurants. He has been presented with the Business of the Year award during the Asian Lite Business Awards which just took place in Manchester.

These awards are designed to honour business people from Asia who have successful companies in the UK. They recognise those working in the charity, cultural and professional sectors and this year the award was given to Mr Pathak for his display of incredible business acumen and his commitment to running a business which is socially responsible.

Speaking about his award, Atul Pathak said: “It is a privilege for my business to be recognised in this way, and an honour that I will share with my employees who are the bedrock of my business.

“The McDonald’s franchising model has afforded me the opportunity to establish and grow a successful business, including during these tough economic conditions. I look forward to continuing to grow my business whilst helping to make a positive contribution to the local communities where I operate.”

Atul Pathak arrived in the UK from India in 1984, during the year of the miner’s strike and when the country was in the grip of a recession, with an ambition to become an entrepreneur. In 2003, after a period of working on other business ventures, Atul established himself as a McDonald’s franchisee. He opened his first restaurant in Southall which, ironically, has one of the largest Indian communities in the UK. Today, Atul runs a twenty-strong restaurant group across north and north-west London with a multi-million pound turnover and employs over 1,500 people.

Atul dedicates a significant amount of his personal time to community and charity groups, which support the education and development of young and vulnerable people, foster community cohesion and enhance the local environment. It is Atul’s strong community focus which has earned him the respect of police officers, school teachers, charities and community leaders in the areas where his restaurants operate.