Calls for the Government to extend the work trial for the jobless

A lobby group for small businesses is calling on the Government to extend the work trial for the jobless as it claims they could create 46,000 jobs. All people who have been on JSA, Job Seekers Allowance, for at least months are eligible to take part in work trials.

A recent survey from FSB however, shows that small business think that with unemployment currently at 2.45m it would be logical for the scheme to start on the first JSA is claimed.

The work trials are completely voluntary and allow prospective employees to try out a role before being taken on permanently, and members of the FSB believe that they are a great incentive to take on staff. The most recent research shows that nearly half of the jobs that started as a work trial have become permanent. The FSB also says that small firms want to take on employees, but often lack the resources.

The FSB’s development manager, Neil Dutton, says that it is vital that all avenues are concerned as far as employment is concerned, and anything that makes it easier for small businesses to take the step to becoming an employer has to be a good thing. He added that small businesses were more likely to employ people who had been unemployed for a long time, and work trials were a great way of helping people learn new skills and get back into work.