Cisco updates TelePresence

Cisco announced this week that it has a new range of updates to compliment its TelePresence videoconferencing range that will help make the technology more appealing to small business.  As Cisco approaches the five year anniversary of the TelePresence range it aims to attract a broader customer base and is now taking a close look at SMEs.

The largest update to the system is a new Callway service designed just for SMEs so that they are able to purchase or lease individual endpoints that will help them connect to the larger network of TelePresence.  In addition, the company will offer a connection to the Calllway service and maintenance along with the deal allowing customers to get on at any endpoint along the network via the internet with the applicable standards based video device.

TelePresence will offer the new network at the low $99 per month although for the moment it is only set up to work in the US with more markets soon to come.  To help compliment the system Cisco has boosted its endpoint range by creating the new MX300 which is a multi-room system that aims to allow the SME market to get video quality that reads at 30 frames per second and produces 1080p.  The new device will be available at the start of 2012 but a price has not been released for the product yet.