Cold callers – what’s to be afraid of?

We’re so contactable these days. Whether it’s at home, on the work mobile or the smart phone we can’t bear to be apart from, we’re always waiting to be beeped at with a message from a friend or loved one (or dreading it ringing with our boss’s name on the display). Unfortunately, our constant availability puts us at risk of one of the most annoying things in our lives – cold callers.

We’re all used to calls offering us amazingly cheap prices on all-new double glazed windows. Tired of calls offering us cheaper car insurance policies. And fed up of being told we can get compensation for an accident we haven’t been involved in. And they always seem to ring at the most inconvenient times, just as we’re sitting down for dinner or watching our favourite TV show. Grrrrrr!

However, not all cold callers are as bad as the ones portrayed in the video from, who make a typical day seem like a scene from a horror film.

If you’ve had experience with cold callers, you’ll have had either positive calls helping to save you money on something you need or frustrating one, that just make your dinner go cold! See if this video is like any of the calls you’ve had: