Combine online and offline marketing with promotional flash drives

Most marketing analysts and commentators believe that a successful marketing strategy must use a number of different channels. Here are some of our tips on how to combine offline and online marketing channels.

Promotional flash drives

Handing out promotional USB memory sticks is one of the best ways to promote your company, particularly if you hand them out to tech-savvy potential customers or office workers, as they are likely to use flash drives on a regular basis.

Figures from the British Promotional Merchandise Association even reveal that USBs are the most popular and useful promotional item to receive, with 45 per cent of Brits saying they would most like to be given a USB stick over any other form of promotional merchandise, and 21 per cent commenting they are more useful than any other promotional gift.

Flash drives are particularly effective in helping to spread the message about your firm, as users will be able to see your company’s brand on the plastic casing every time they connect it to their PC or laptop.

What’s more, they’re good at generating exposure beyond just the recipients, as people often use USB pens in public, allowing passersby to spot your organisation’s name and logo as well.

Use USB sticks in your online campaign

If you want to make the most of USBs, you could install documents on the flash drives before you distribute them to your customers. You could include a presentation about your company, who you are and what you stand for, so that recipients can learn more about you.

A great way to generate interest in your firm’s online presence is to include website links on the presentation or files you upload to the flash drives. This will encourage recipients to click on your webpage, where they can either learn more about you or even buy one of your products or services.

Should you have a Facebook or Twitter page, you can put these links on to the USB pens as well, and you could quickly find yourself with a lot more fans.

Having people ‘share’ or ‘like’ your social media page will help spread awareness about your firm instantly, allowing you to gain access to a mass market simply by distributing free flash drives.

The influence of social media in business promotion has been highlighted by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), which stated that people using the web in 2011 spent 27 per cent of their time on social networking sites.

Advertise on social media

Alerting people to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages is great for encouraging them to find out more about you, link back to your website and interact with fans of your social media page. This definitely helps give you brand exposure, making people more inclined to get in touch, ask questions and leave feedback – and we all know the power of positive reviews when it comes to boosting business reputation!

If you want to capitalise on growing interest in social media websites, you could do more than simply create a page for your company. You may wish to advertise directly on them, so that when people open their social media homepage, they can see your online advert on the side, or at the top, of their screens.

Figures from the IAB show that banner ads on social media platforms are becoming an increasingly popular way of publicising companies, with the number of these advertisements on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn growing by 75 per cent in 2011.

Social media sites are also able to tailor their choices of what adverts they show to users, and so your adverts should be served on your target market.

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