Common Workplace Hazards

No matter what sort of environment you work in, you should make yourself aware of the most common hazards, as this can help you avoid a range of mishaps and health issues. Some of the common hazards that you may face in the workplace include:

Electrical hazards: A range of problems can stem from electricity related hazards at work. This can include poorly maintained power lines and main supplies, electrical equipment issues, cables trailing on the floor, drinks being consumed close to electrical appliances and equipment and other electricity related hazards.

Toxic substances: Depending on your workplace, you may be exposed to a range of toxic substances. This can include obvious substances such as chemicals as well as hidden dangers, such as exposure to asbestos. This type of exposure can lead to a range of health problems and those affected may be able to consider making asbestosis claims for compensation.

Slips and trips: Most working environments will have areas where tripping and slipping is a hazard. This could be anything from a slippery floor to an unseen step, a worn mat, or an area where there are obstructions. Every year, many people fall victim to trips and slips at work and whilst most are not serious, some can cause considerable injury.

Moving vehicles: Whether you work for a company with a lot of drivers or whether you simply have a car park where employees/customers park their vehicles, moving cars and vehicles can be a hazard in many workplaces. It is important to be vigilant when in outside areas at work, to ensure your safety around vehicles.

Lifting injuries: Whether you work in a manual job or in an office, there are often items that need to be lifted. No matter what sorts of items you have to lift, if they are heavy they are a potential hazard. Many people suffer injuries as a result of lifting heavy items at work and anyone who does have to lift on a regular basis should be trained on how to do this safely.

Of course, there are many other hazards that people face on a daily basis whilst at work, and being aware of these can help to make the workplace a lot safer.