Corporate Events & Rate Negotiation

If your company regularly hosts corporate events, finding suppliers yourself can be fraught with difficulties.

Using professional event organisers rather than doing it in-house may appear to be an additional expense, but it could work to your advantage when it comes to rate negotiation.

Corporate event organisers will book many venues and suppliers throughout the course of a year. As a result of this, they’re in a much better bargaining position when it comes to getting money off.

For example, if they book one event a month on average with a hotel, they’re far more likely to get discount than if you call up yourself looking to make a one-off or initial booking.
Below are some other areas event organisers can benefit you when it comes to negotiation.


Whether you’re laying on a simple drinks reception for a few dozen, or a full sit down meal for 200, catering costs can take up a big chunk of any corporate event budget.

Reliable event organisers will know which companies to contact in order to get the best rate to suit your exact requirements.

Even if they’re only able to get a discount of a few pounds per head, this could really add up if your event is on a large scale.

Equipment hire

If you need to hire any equipment for your conference or event, the costs can be expensive for one-off rentals.

Again, the beauty of using a company that helps organise lots of corporate events is that they’ll have an account with various suppliers and be able to source you the best deal.

Executive travel & accommodation

When people are coming from elsewhere in the UK or abroad for your event, it’s important to make sure all the travel arrangements are in order.

Being able to get discounted flight tickets, train fares, chauffeurs, and taxis is another advantage of using a professional event organiser and tapping into the benefits of their negotiations.

When it comes to accommodation, if you’re putting up say 50 delegates in the same hotel, your event organisers should be able to get you a sizeable block booking discount.


Activities for team building days can often be prohibitively expensive. However, if you use an outside supplier to look into your options, you may be able to get a great deal that you couldn’t have got elsewhere.

Author Bio: The Co-operative Travel Management can negotiate rates with a wide selection of suppliers to help keep your event costs down without compromising on quality.