Creating the perfect workplace to maximise production

Our homes are our sanctuary. We spend our free time in them, socialise in them and chill out and relax in them. We decorate them to both calm and invigorate and select trimmings with care to ensure we feel as happy as possible in them. Bearing this in mind, it is astonishing how many business owners expect us to work to our maximum capacity in work spaces that more often than not too cold and clinical to inspire anyone.

Setting up a new business is very exciting, especially if you are searching for office space. The whole idea of this space being the heart of your business is very exciting, but it’s easy to get carried away with the buzz and overlook things that your employees will find unfavourable. It could be so clean that you could eat of the floor, but there is more to having a welcoming workplace than cleanliness.

Consider the colour of the walls first. If they are clean and neutral then add colour and vibrancy to them with prints and pictures, not profit forecasts and work paraphernalia. These kinds of things belong on a notice board away from the central working area, in the staff room for example. You want your staff to come into somewhere with a homely ambience, not just have facts and figures glaring down at them.

Next look at the windows, and depending on age of the office space you have taken, their could be old tatty curtains hanging and dilapidated vertical blinds, or if it is a new build, on a business park for example, it may just have vast expanses of glass waiting for you to do something with. Covering big windows may seem an expense you could do without, but by installing the next big thing in blinds you will benefit in several ways.

Bottom up blinds are effectively upside down roller blinds that you attach to the bottom of the windows and, through the pulley mechanism, roll upwards instead of downwards. Now they may sound strange but stop and think about it for a minute, by having cover at the bottom your staff will have privacy if your office is overlooked, or on the ground floor, whilst there is still space at the top for natural light to flood in.

They are attractive, functional, easy on the pocket, and available in a huge range of colours and textures, affording you the luxury of making your workplace a homely and comfortable working environment and removing the sterility. You can get these blinds in whites and neutrals, blacks and greys, and every colour in between. A great place to look is who carry one of the best ranges in bottom up blinds anywhere on the net.

If your new business venture is a small restaurant or cafe, these blinds are perfect for here as well, as by rolling them halfway up you are letting your customers eat or drink in privacy without passers by gawping through the windows at them. Whatever your new business entails, if there are windows they will need dressing, and bottom up blinds are the perfect product for the job.