E.ON survey suggests SME’s still haven’t grasped the benefits of cloud technology

A new survey by E.ON reports that most small businesses do not understand the benefits of using cloud technologies, including substantial cost savings and a lower environment footprint. The energy company’s survey included companies involved in finance, professional services and various other SME sectors and concluded that a lack of awareness about cloud technologies had the potential to undermine profit, and growth.

The various cloud technologies enable companies to pay for computing services on a needs basis, crucially allowing businesses to leverage computer power when required, without the need for the purchase of additional computer hardware.

The energy savings are obvious as each business’s computer requirements are optimized for their own situation. Ironically, in spite of the clear benefits, nearly 40% of respondents to the survey were not even aware of what cloud computing actually was. In other findings from the survey, only 30% of SME’s considered energy savings when making business decisions.

Property services appeared to be the least aware of the benefits, with only 25% aware of what the cloud was, compared to all 75% of all businesses. Financial services firms were least aware of the savings available; less than 5% realised 90% energy savings were available by switching to cloud services.

E.ON spokesperson Iain Walker, Head of Sales says that energy costs are becoming an issue for SME’s but most seemed to be “unaware” of the solutions that cloud computing offered. Walker stressed that cloud technologies presented a win-win for SME’s as they reduced costs and improved productivity at the same time.