East Midlands SME’s to receive assistance

Some of the most successful UK companies will be offering aid to SME’s that are located in the East Midlands to help them take steps towards lowering their carbon footprint and increasing their sustainability practices locally.

Representatives from Puma and Speedo International will be offering their expertise and tips from their own sustainability practices as part of the Future Factory Nottingham Trent University sustainability project.

The event will take place on March 13st at the University’s Conference Centre and will take a closer look at how important it is for SME’s to also incorporate sustainability in their processes, products, and services.  Speaking at the Sustainability Means Business event will be Speedo International’s Head of Corporate Responsibility Robert Brown, and the Head of Puma’s Safe Ecology team Stefan Seidel.

The theme of the event will be to showcase how important it is for SME’s to work on their sustainability practices as larger businesses work towards successful meeting carbon reduction goals.  SME’s that are part of the supply chain, and other small businesses, also need to address the issue of sustainability or risk losing space in the market and contracts in the future.

Outside of these issues the event will also offer top business leaders a chance to explain how much they value the sustainability practices that they have in put in place in regards to their supply chain practices. Those in attendance will also get the chance to hear from local SME’s that have already made attempts to become more eco-friendly along with experts from the fields of climate change, green marketing, sustainability.

Nottingham Trent University experts will also speak at the one day event sharing their ideas and knowledge of the green market. All SME’s from the East Midlands have been invited to attend the free event from all sectors of the business world.