EDF launch new electricity packages for SMEs

EDF the energy giant has launched a new SME electricity contract designed to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises as part of its new April 2012 Customer Commitments programme that has been launched with the aim of improving SME services within the company.

The new contract is known as the New Start tariff and will be aimed to meet the specific needs of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and businesses that have moved onto the new premises. It offers a range of short term contracts that span from six to nine months so that businesses are offered the freedom to end contracts early without facing penalties if they experience a sudden change in circumstances. The only daily charge is a minuscule 5p.

The New Start customers are not automatically re-enrolled into a new contract by EDF when their tarring is up which was one measure that many different energy lobbying groups called for. Director of SME at EDF Energy Richard Hughes, stated that he hopes the combination of simplicity, flexibility, and low standing charges will help to take away some of the barriers that have prevented businesses from reaching success.

New Start customer Sandra McGarrigle explained that she chose the new tariff for her Brighton restaurant because she likes the idea that it offers a cheaper rate and she is not locked into it for a long term contract.

She explained that she was so busy that she did not have time to shop around and the last thing she wanted to worry about is think about what the best deal was. This way in nine months when she has more time she can review the matter one more time and see if it was the best choice or not allowing her the flexibility and comfort of choosing the deal.