Employees not very interested in being green

While half of employees surveyed admit to witnessing opportunities to lower waste and unnecessary cost each day, a mere 33% are requested to help minimize them, reported CloudApps in its survey on employee attitudes and engagement in corporate sustainability.

Every company is grappling with the expenses from waste disposal and energy. Yet, nearly half have admitted to taking no action in coordination with sustainability projects in 12 months. The results of such neglect is found in the fact that 13% of all companies had published sustainability targets that go unmeasured.

Those employed by these companies perceive it as having a negative impact on performance of the company. Nearly without exception, almost all respondents agreed that their company should take leadership in their market when it comes to sustainability. The worse news is that almost half said they would abandon the company if it was ignoring the issue of sustainability.

The primary excuse for not instituting sustainability measures was that the employee did not have sufficient time in their schedule. This clearly means that for employees to conform to sustainability standards, they cannot be expected to complete the goals outside their daily work schedule.

“The research reveals a startling contrast between what companies say and do. Employees feel sustainability is a high priority issue and they would like to help with their talents toward those ends. One out of two, though, threaten that they will ‘vote with their feet’, which will become a very tangible assault on companies that do not act as the economy kicks back into gear.” explained Siman Wheeldon, CEO of CloudApps.

At CloudApps, the daily work schedules of those who work there have sustainability goals built in. They have access to a desktop tool, such as Twitter or a Google gadget, that allows them to put in their two cents regarding cost saving measures. These are added to their personal goals and integrated with the overall corporate targets.