ESF on the brink

The new European Social Fund campaign ‘On the Brink’ is stunning in its simplicity as it relies on a simple video to capture browsers interest, which it does to great effect as the short minute clip plays out more like the tragic ending to a television drama or film than it does an actual advert.  In fact, after watching the group of business men and women struggle to make it to an unknown goal in a world that looks like it is collapsing, most viewers are going to find it hard not to click just to see what happens because the underlying question ‘is this the end’ is completely ominous.

Of course, once you click you see that there is actually a future if you find the right organization to help which is where the European Social Fund comes into play.  After seeing the organization’s website it becomes clear that the dreary desolate world created in ‘On the Brink’ is meant to capture the bleak outlook that those without jobs or education have every day as they fight against the state of the world around them trying to find opportunities and jobs in an environment where there is not enough to go around.

This is where the ESF steps in to pull potential hopeless cases from the brink as they help train and coach people who need guidance back into training, school, or other work related fields so that they can start to get a leg back up.  With plenty of great success stories to back their efforts, the ESF can be a great place for both organizations and individuals to turn who need some help getting back into the world so that they can turn their lives around making that click to the ending just a bit more valuable to some.