EU survey reveals that UK businesses will be the most eco-friendly

A recent survey commissioned by the European Commission has shown that British businesses are the ones that are going to make the greatest transfer to being environmentally friendly over the next two years. The study showed that UK businesses are more committed to environmental targets than most of their counterparts across the European Union.

The survey has shown that British companies, especially those that are small or medium-sized enterprises, are working to reduce resource consumption and energy wastage by the most significant amount. Over 80 percent of small companies in the UK have said that they are making efforts to improve their impact on the environment which compares favourably to the figure of around 65 percent, which is the average across Europe.

80 percent of companies said that they are looking at taking steps to reduce the amount of electricity they are wasting, while over 90 percent said that they are going to be recycling more materials and reducing the amount of waste they produce.

One of the most important figures that the study found is that a large number of companies are going to be increasing their use of renewable energy. Currently around 10 percent of companies in the UK use green energy, which can be produced through things such as solar panels on the roof of a building.

It is expected that over the next two years this number is going to increase twofold. Many of these companies have been motivated by the fear of increased taxes about producing more waste, but many see it as their corporate responsibility.

Despite these promising figures, it is estimated that only around 30 percent of companies in the UK are targeting green customers. It is thought the many businesses would benefit by releasing products that appeal to environmentally conscious customers specifically.