Flexible working can work for SMEs

It seems that businesses are finally starting to wake up to the benefits of flexible working, and not before time, as mobile technology now means that workers can be anywhere in the world and still capable of delivering the results. That is the big change in emphasis, according to T-Mobile’s Martin Lyne, that companies are increasingly more results-driven, rather than focussed on the amount of time people spend at work.

Many people’s personal circumstances mean they can only work time and/or at specific times and, apparently, small and medium-sized firms are beginning to be more adaptable about this. Mr Lyne added that new remote technology meant that workers could fit work around their schedules.

The FSB also recently said that if employers were more prepared to adopt flexible working, this would ultimately make their workers happier. Also, the rise of ‘portfolio’ careers, where people have more than one source of work/income has encouraged greater flexibility.