Great cloud business opportunities thanks to Cortado

A new complete cloud desktop solution allows business users to get the most security and productivity out of their cloud computing possible.

Leading provider of cloud computing solutions and services, Cortado, announced this week that they have created new file sharing features that will be built into the free cloud desktop app titled Cortado Workplace. This will allow users to quickly share documents in an easy, efficient, and secure manner.

When you add this in with the fact that users will now be able to work while on teh go in the same way that they would on a desktop, the file sharing features easily make teh Cortado Workplace one of the most secure and complete open source cloud solutions on the web for business users.

Competing file sharing solutions create an unsecured link that can be easily accessed by anyone. Cortado Workplace, however, stores shared documents in a password-protected cloud drive and allows them to be downloaded or accessed via a secure link with the native clients for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, or on a desktop with the HTML5 client. In addition, the preview option further enhances security as it allows recipients to preview the document first to ensure that it is safe to download.

Sharing with Cortado Workplace is extremely simple. Users can easily drag and drop a document to the browser window of the HTML5 client and simply click the “share” icon. Users then enter the e-mail addresses of the recipients and click to confirm. An e-mail is then automatically sent to the recipient containing a link to the document, or if selected, the file preview.

Currently, file sharing is available with the HTML5 version of Cortado Workplace and is ideal for use on a PC, laptop or Mac. The recipient can quickly preview the shared document without any special programs on his smartphone, tablet or desktop. With Cortado Workplace, a file can also be shared directly from the cloud drive of the Cortado Workplace account, making it unnecessary to download the document to the users’ smartphone or tablet, which saves substantially on data volume especially for large files.

“File sharing is an important functional upgrade of our cloud desktop app,” said Dirk Löwenberg, Business Director Online Sales & Services. “In order to adequately protect our customers’ files, we have provided a solution that is not only simple but also the most secure compared to competitors.”

More than 290,000 people already use Cortado Workplace as a cloud desktop with its two GB of online storage space, cloud printing functions, and now the file sharing ability. The free native apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry can be downloaded from all popular app stores. Using the HTML5 client requires only an HTML5-enabled browser.