Human Nature TEDxAmsterdam event

In a world that is so focused on technology and economic concerns it stands to reason that many people wonder what the human experience is actually about anymore, which is why the theme of ‘Human Nature’ has been chosen for the November 25th TEDxAmsterdam event.  The underlying theme of the event will be to take a close look at what being human, creative, innovative, and using one’s brains to create ideas that will enhance the world around us means via speakers, audience participation, and plenty of displays that have been created to reinforce the point.

In an effort to put some creative juices to work prior to the event WE ARE PI and the most creative brains from the arts, communications, and design world in the Netherlands have come together to create the ‘Ideas United’ project that is already available for a sneak peak online.

The result is a two hour documentary that takes a close look at ‘living brains’ that will kick off and close the event that is going to be televised across Amsterdam to thousands of viewers over the course of the day.

Already worth a look is the preview of a real ‘living brain’ that is meant to convey the messages that there are ideas worth doing and ideas worth spreading.  The video clip of the project shows 48 dancers from the Nova Dance College and the Dutch National Ballet who have come together to create a living brain using their bodies to meld into one large brain in one large choreographed motion proving that when you use your living brain big things can happen.  Enhanced by the pale nude leotards the dancers are wearing, the ensuing creation is well worth watching at least a few times and sharing with friends.