IBM chief believes cloud will bring supercomputing to SME’s

The chief executive of IBM has recently commented that cloud computing is going to bring supercomputing power to small businesses. The idea behind cloud computing, is computing remotely, and this is going to mean that more businesses don’t have to have an entire supercomputer on their premises in order to take advantage of its power.

The company commented, “There is no question that cloud confusing is one of the biggest things happening in technology today. It’s important for people to realise that supercomputing is not going to be something that is only possible by huge companies in the future, it is going to be something for everyone.

This is going to be very beneficial to certain companies, such as those who work with things such as fluid dynamics. This is going to bring a huge range of development opportunities to smaller companies who are working in the aerospace industry, and have previously been unable to complete with bigger companies because of their lack of computing power.”

It is widely expected that making supercomputing available to smaller companies is going to allow them to break into markets which they were previously not involved in. Fluid dynamics is just one of many examples of this.