Ideal office furniture for small businesses

We take a look at a few office items that are a good price – and effective functionality – for new starters and small organisations

Getting established as a small business is a mammoth project in itself. One of the large tasks that comes with this responsibility is the issue of an office. Is your business now grown enough to accommodate other employees?

And what space is this business going to occupy? Where will your work take place? We have been looking at a range of office furniture options on Ryman to give you an idea of some of the basic considerations that must come into play when designing a new office.

Storage and desks

Your two key issues: the space where most work will take place, and the place where that work will be stored. Even if the majority of your work is online, you need to meticulous and plan ahead when it comes to archiving and storage. Also, consider filing of paper and hard copies: is it helpful to incorporate storage into the desk space? Or will you need them to separate and accessible to all?

Filing cabinets

Having received a bit of a bad rep lately for not looking quite as modern as they once, there is nevertheless a huge market for filing cabinets. If you are a small business expecting to receive solicitations, CVs and application forms, then a filing cabinet is a must. It’s also a great idea to have one dedicated to mail.

Shared desks

A key issue. Will you all be working in the same space together? Will your desks be pushed together? Will people share a desk? Or will it be more conducive to keep everything separate? Who needs a telephone? Will this disturb others in the office?

Corner desks

A great way of maximizing space in a small office, and also sequestering some peace and personal space – though I have to say that staring at the wall is a brave choice.

Desktop hutches

Excellent for those working with one or more computers, desktop hutches allow you to elevate a desktop computer whilst also leaving drawers and storage space directly underneath.