James Caan produces guide to being an entrepreneur

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, according to one of the UK’s most successful, James Caan. He also says that every day of his life people are pitching their new business ideas at him, and it was a sad fact that 90% of new businesses were failing.

He feels that entrepreneurs need to ask themselves the right questions before starting on their journey, and that has driven him to write a new and incisive guide into becoming successful. Mr Cann draws on his 30 years of experience to save all budding entrepreneurs from wasting both time and money in their quest to be a success.

Start Your Business in 7 Days is a book for absolutely anybody with a good idea; you don’t need to be a business expert. Caan will provide you with the ammunition and advice you need and guide you towards the right decisions for your business.

Over the course of seven days, he will demonstrate how to decide if your idea is workable and bankable. How to say ‘I’m in’, but equally importantly, to have the courage to say ‘I’m out’.

If you have managed to answer all of Caan’s tough questions by the time you reach the end of the book, then you will have a business that genuinely has a chance of success. You can be one of the 10% of businesses that do make it.

‘Many people achieve success in business, but everyone is willing to share their blueprint for success. The information in this book is priceless and can transform a business or an idea in just seven days.” – Bev James, CEO of the coaching academy and bestselling author of DO IT! Or Ditch it!