Karen Brady is the government’s new Small Business Ambassador

The Government has appointed Karen Brady as its Small Business Ambassador. Brady is not only a part of the TV series The Apprentice; she is also the Vice Chairman of West Ham. This young entrepreneur is also lovingly referred to as First Lady of Football. At a conference in Manchester, Karen said that she realised the struggles that small business go through because she has been there and experienced them all.

Karen became the director of Birmingham Football Club at a tender age of 23. She still remembers how after giving a serious presentation, someone in the audience asked her about her vital statistics. Despite facing such brazen sexism, Karen is happy that she could help in restoring the financial health of that football club. She says that the club was able to turn a new leaf in its financial history by booking a profit for the first time in its modern history.

The announcement to make her Small Business Ambassador came at the Conservative Conference where Michael Fallon, the Business Minister, said that the government was seriously contemplating providing exemptions to British startups barring a few ones that were necessary for the purpose of security. Irrespective of the size of the startup, all new companies would be exempt from regulations for a period of one year.

The same sentiment was echoed by government’s Life Science Advisor George Freeman when he said that it was time for the government to get off the backs of those who are helping in jobs creation. Lessening tax burden on small businesses will lead to better growth and more job creation.

Karen chose to describe herself as a businesswoman, owner, and a mother of two kids at the conference. Introducing George Osborne to the audience, she said that he was one individual for who she would gladly be an apprentice.