Low-cost ways to promote your business

Although sometimes a little tedious, promoting your business is a necessity, especially if you wish for it to succeed in this fast-pace world. At first, you should spend at least an hour working on a business promotion plan. You should also come up with a list of ways to get the word out, if consumers don’t know of your existing state, how are they to invest in you?

Promotion doesn’t have to be an expensive activity; it does however have to be performed well. Here are a number of inexpensive ways to get your business ideas out there.

1 – Business cards

Business cards, especially those encasing a QR Code, will allow you to spread the news of what services and products you have to offer. Utilising a QR coding system will enable those with a smartphone to scan the code in a second. They will then be taken to a link, which will in turn reveal anything from the price of a certain product to details on a new promotion. Such a device is also a great way to reveal the location of your company; you can even link the coding directly to Google Maps.

2 – Video media and advertisement

Using the video approach in an innovative way to spread the word of a new product, promotion, service or event. It is a great option for both new and existing businesses. Sites such as a wooshii.com allow you to offer a number of professionally created video services for less. You can choose to create anything from web intro videos to web animation. Creating a series of animated characters is an easy way to grab the attention of consumers. Both kids and adults identify easily with surreal concepts and talking characters. They are memorable and fun and work to promote your business in the same way.

3 – Stationary and merchandise

Printing your companies name on a pen may seem like a trivial idea, it is however seen as the ideal business promotion tool. You can feature a great deal of information in a small space, including that of your companies name, a logo and a phone number. Dishing such stationary out to existing customers will prompt them to use you again.

4 – Blogging

Blogging about a certain product, promotion or invention is a good way to create a little hype in the media world. Sending a free sample to a well-known blogger in your field is a great way to get them to write about it. They will also share the news will fellow bloggers. This is a quick way to build positive word-of-mouth.

5 – Sending out press releases

When poaching this promotion solution, it is important that you read the press release before it goes out. It must contain newsworthy information in order to captivate the readers’ attention. This may be news on a new product launch, an exciting new service or alternatively, a promotional activity such as a charity event.