Macdonald Hotels enjoy a bumper year in 2012

Macdonald Hotels have overcome what they describe as challenging conditions within the economy and have seen an incredible rise in their sales and profits from last year which was quite unexpected.

The company consisting of a chain of 45 hotels up and down the UK has seen a turnover of £139.5m throughout the year which can be seen through rising profits on a like for like basis by 2% through to the end of the tax year which also saw operating profits spike by 3% to 13.7m before interest.

Chief executive for the chain, David Guile has claimed that the group’s notable strong performance simply boils down to the sheer determination and hard work company staff have continuously put in throughout the year and he went on to say that the company has invested time and money in to the their people, IT and web infrastructure as well as the hotels themselves.

Due to this they have no seen the benefits paying off from what could have been described as a mystifying strategy given the uncertainty of the economic climate. Not only have these benefits been seen through the financial results but also through the continuing improvement and quality of the customer service customers have experienced throughout their stay.

Mr Guile explained that the whole company is extremely pleased with the way the plan worked out and claims they have achieved these difficult results despite the increasing pressures of costs to the business for things such as food, wages, utility bills and on top of all that an additional tax bill of £360,000 on energy consumption which was paid to the government as part of the Carbon Reduction Commitment.