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Michelin’s Total Performance Tyres and their Data Collection Initiative

The conditions and circumstances whilst driving can be difficult and are often varied, yet as the number of cars on the road is increasing Michelin are aiming to offer a consistent driving experience through the introduction of their all new Total Performance tyres. Michelin claims that these tyres will enhance the driving experience and suit the needs of all drivers no matter the conditions or circumstances as well offer a better match for challenges on the road.

In order to launch products such as the Total Performance tyres, Michelin gather information from drivers on the roads so that they can make fully informed decisions. 75,000 tests are carried out with consumers on an annual basis in which knowledge about drivers and driving conditions are acquired. Another way in which data about driving on the roads is obtained is through initiatives such as the live driving lab. The live driving lab involves the installation of monitoring equipment in 3,000 cars across Europe.

The data is gathered and stored in the Road Usage Lab along with every piece of information gained by Michelin over the years, through initiatives past and present. Michelin are continuing to accumulate data from many sources so that they can offer efficiency, safety and performance on the roads.