Microsoft create new office suite for SMEs

Whatever size business you are running, the chances are that you use Microsoft Office at least to some extent. It is a software package that has always been popular with businesses and is by far the most dominant one in the market. There are numerous packages available for businesses of different sizes and all types of clients.

Small businesses are sometimes those that find it more difficult to utilise Microsoft Office and Microsoft recognise this, and have recently developed a new piece of software that is going to make it easier for small businesses to use the Office package. This piece of software is called Microsoft Office 365.

The reason the package is going to work for small businesses is because there is no initial outlay cost. The software can be used online and users pay a monthly fee for using it. This works out at about four pounds per month for each individual user. This makes it significantly cheaper than having to buy a full licence for your business. It also allows a great deal of flexibility as you can add more people to the package as your business grows.

By subscribing to this package users will get all of the usual benefits associated with Microsoft Office, including access to Excel and Word. It also gives access to other facilities such as Microsoft Lync, which can be used for business instant messaging as well as making phone calls over the Internet.

Microsoft recognise that one of the biggest costs to businesses is the initial start-up costs and this is why they have launched this product. It takes away the fixed cost of purchasing the software and turns it into a variable one, which is more manageable on a monthly basis.

Office 365 is also very useful as you don’t actually have to install it on your computers, the use of the software is all done across the Internet. This means that whichever computer you are on, you will have access to your software and be able to access your documents. The only thing you require is an Internet connection. All storage is hosted by Microsoft which means that any maintenance costs are also very low. Updates are also installed automatically and any software issues can be dealt with by a remote team.

Getting started with the software is incredibly easy and all a business owner has to do is go to the website, sign up, and they will immediately have access to all of the software. Microsoft Office is something that everyone is familiar with as it is something that is taught at school and utilised in every office.

Businesses can also benefit from the software as they will have two hire less tech support people. As everything is maintained by Microsoft employees, it is not necessary to have someone in the office to fix any software problems.

One reason people are sometimes put off using cloud computing is that the data can be stored in a very faraway location where costs are lower. This gives people some concern about security and to deal with this problem Microsoft have located the data centre closer to home.

All data is being stored in Dublin and here it is even more secure than it would be in your own office. Having the data centre within the EU also means that it has to comply with EU regulations and means there is less legal hassle for small businesses to have to deal with.

This data centre is also utilised by some of Microsoft’s biggest clients, so you will be enjoying the same level of security as some of the largest companies in the world. Microsoft also guarantee that the data centre will be online 99.9 percent of the time so you will always be able to access your data when you need it. The guarantee means that if the server goes down when you need your documents, you will be given free access to the facilities as way of an apology.