offer flexible working conditions for freelancers and SME’s

A new initiative has started that aims as making our working lives as convenient and flexible as possible by sharing the resources in the thriving sectors of SME’s and freelancing. are specialists in renting out rooms on a weekly basis and are behind this new scheme to offer flexibility in the workplace.

Recent figures have shown that the UK now has 1.6m freelancers, and 12% increase since 2008. This figure is hardly surprising considering the fact that unemployment stood at its highest level in 17 years at the end of 2011 with nearly 2.7m out of work.

This influx of freelancers, along with the buoyancy in the SME sector, has created a bigger demand than ever for a more flexible approach to work options and a large increase in those who are working from home. It is a direct result of this trend that can caused to launch their new services for desk space and meeting placed.

Freelancers may enjoy the flexibility and freedom of home working but many miss the background noise and interaction offered by a traditional office environment and the accompanying facilities. It can also provide a disciplined environment for those who struggle to motivate themselves to switch of the TV or resist the urge to hang out the washing.

The Desk Space service will enable companies with spare desks to rent them out to freelancers or consultants looking for somewhere to work without the overhead or commitment an office contract brings. This will also suit freelancers posted on a short term contract or away from their home or normal office, as well as people in the early stages of setting up a new business.’s Meeting Place will offer a unique search facility to find a suitable meeting location to talk business over a cup of coffee without resorting to a soulless hotel reception area. Venues could include museum coffee shops, art gallery cafes, garden centre restaurants and beautiful historic houses. The service offers a way for these venues to increase footfall and incremental purchases, whilst offering the business community a straightforward way to find somewhere more convenient and inspiring to meet. Equally, for a more formal meeting, SMEs with an available meeting room could advertise it for hire.

According to Judy Niner, founder of, “These two new services grow naturally out of our core business – providing professional people with living space during the working week. This is about making working life as flexible and convenient as possible, and sharing available resources amongst the thriving SME and freelancer sectors.”

Desk Space and Meeting Place services launched in August 2012. Both services are free to users. Office owners can advertise desk space for £79.99 for a 3 month listing or £99.99 for a 6 month listing. Venues can advertise their facility as a meeting place for £99.95 a year. For more information see