New agreement strengthens investment links between Britain and India

A new agreement has recently been signed which is going to help to establish better investment links between small British companies and companies in India. The business links are going to be mostly focused on technology and the agreement was recently signed during a meeting in New Delhi last Monday.

James Bevan is the British High Commissioner to India and he signed an agreement along with other parties responsible for trade between the UK and India. The agreement is going to make trade an easier process between the two countries for smaller businesses in the UK.

George Osborne, the Chancellor, has commented, “British enterprises are capable of offering some of the best products in the world. We think that this is very suited to a relationship with India, because they are known for demanding some of the very best good and services. The benefit of this initiative is that networking between countries is going to be improved so that trade opportunities are not missed in the future.

“We think that this agreement will provide a great boost to both countries and is capable of helping millions of people.” Indian companies are going to be better able to access technology that has been developed in Britain and exporting capacity is going to be supported.

During the first three months of the initiative several trade partnerships are going to be developed and these will be examined to see how further partnerships can be developed in the future.

A review of the initiative is going to take place in a year to see if it has been successful, and if it has it is widely expected that the extent of the agreement will be extended. India is currently one of the largest investors in the UK, only behind Japan and the United States. Interestingly, more trade comes from India than the entire EU combined.