New launched DIY PR kit aimed at helping SMEs

In response to a continuing demand from their customers Grapevine PR Ltd, the PR firm, have just launched a new PR tool that is aimed at helping start ups and small businesses to manage their own marketing and PR activity.

The new e-book by Mel Betts is the DIY PR Toolkit, available for the Kindle, and is an training and support package that as well as being cost effective has been designed to teach the owner of SMEs how to successfully market their business as well as receive powerful press coverage my working alongside the media effectively.

“I am approached by many small businesses that understand the need to promote their businesses but are unsure how to take advantage of marketing as a tool,” confirms Mel Betts, director of Grapevine PR. “Many of these organisations have great business ideas but need cost effective advice on how best to promote their innovative product or service. The new guide addresses this need by providing a simple, downloadable book covering the basic rules for good marketing and how to attract free editorial press coverage.”

The DIY PR Toolkit is made up of sections covering subjects from: ‘what is marketing’ to ‘what the media wants’ to ‘how to create a PR plan’ for your company as well as ‘how to get the best from a media interview’ and many other promotional PR ideas. The whole guide can be downloaded through Amazon for Kindle users for just £2.99.

“The DIY PR Toolkit proves that gaining powerful editorial exposure is no-longer an activity only for large cash-rich companies,” confirms Betts. “The interest the DIY PR Toolkit has already attracted so far proves a cost-effective marketing solution for small business is a particularly compelling proposition.”