New research reveals that SME’s are getting worse at keeping customers details private

The idea of protecting customer details is nothing new and most people would assume that with the additional pressure being put on companies it would mean that they are getting better at this practice. However, recent research has shown that small businesses are actually getting worse at keeping customers information private.

The survey has shown that many SMEs in the country are not even taking the most basic precautions in order to protect their customers’ private details. One of the main reasons that they are so ignorant about the protection of data is because they don’t think it will have any impact on their business. The information about the privacy issues has been gathered by a company focusing on data destruction, Shred-it.

Nearly 60 percent of businesses that were surveyed by the company said that they did not think that losing customer data would have any real impact on their business. This is quite surprising given that the fines handed out for companies who don’t protect data adequately are significant.

That is possibly not what is most worrying about this latest survey however. The survey was also conducted a year previously, in 2011, and this survey showed that only 50 percent of businesses thought that there would be no impact, a worrying trend in the wrong direction.

Another survey that was organised by different companies showed that around 25 percent of small businesses were simply unaware of the various legal requirements that exist for keeping data secure. This ignorance generally meant they were not taking any of the requirements that are legally obliged of them and that customers data is not secure enough.

When compared with larger businesses, the data protection in small companies is particularly bad, 95 percent of employees of a large company said that they were aware of data protection laws.