New Sage 200 software expected to be attached to the Mocrosoft Azure

Sage has been recently working on the development of some new software called Sage 200 and it is expected that the software is going to be attached to the new software from Microsoft, Azure. The reason the company decided to do this is so that small business owners are capable of using Sage, along with Microsoft’s products, on a subscription-based system, rather than just paying for the product upfront.
The software is going to be integrated with the cloud platform as this will make it easier for customers to change over to the subscription-based software. It is expected that testing is going to be occurring this year once the product is completed and it should be released in 2013 after many of the bugs have been ironed out.
The head of development and sage is Graeme Edwards and he is commented, “We think it is very important that we keep up with our customer’s requirements and we think subscription-based software on the cloud is a positive step forward for us.”
Mr Edwards continued in an interview, “We think this is going to be a way to increase our clients’ proactivity and it will also help us create applications that are more tailored to our customers’ needs.”
Last year Sage had recorded that 1000 of its customers who were previously using the on-board software have switched to the cloud option. However, when you consider that the company have around 6 million customers in the UK, this is not such an impressive figure.
However, over the next few years cloud computing is going to become a much bigger deal and it is likely that more customers will switch over to the new technology. Sage expect that as more people start to adopt, the rate of adoption will accelerate very rapidly.