Old methods return to help dementia patients thanks to Dragon’s Den

The same rooms that were used to treat patients of dementia way back in the 1950’s have been once again in the news and this time around have also made an appearance on hit TV show Dragon’s Den.

RemPods was the name given to special structures used by Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) to treat the victims of dementia in a bygone era. These pods looked like rooms where dementia patients were supported and treated. This innovative idea has caught on with the hospitals and nursing homes and is increasingly being used across UK these days.

The entrepreneur who is the brainchild behind these pods finally got the financial backing he was looking for when on Sunday night Peter Jones and Deborah Meadon became the dragons and gave him 100,000 pounds during the reality TV show on BBC. Richard Ernest is the businessman who made these RemPods after being in close touch with a neighbour who suffered from dementia. Richard said that he felt the need to help the poor victims of this degenerative disease after learning the experiences of his poor neighbour.

Richard came up with the idea of RemPods that could create a calming and soothing environment for the victims of dementia. These rooms were found to be very helpful in reducing high levels of anxiety in dementia patients. The first and the original RemPod was created in BRI way back in the 1950’s by fitting a TV and a radio with a lamp and a rug in a small space that looked like a homely surrounding for the patient.

During the programme on TV, Richard spoke at length about how these pods could help doctors understand the problems of dementia patients and the reasons why they became agitated at times. The special rooms that were created in Bristol Royal Infirmary have been appreciated by TV’s Dragons’ Den and will now be created in more hospitals to help dementia victims.