Opus research reveals SME’s are willing to employ smart meters

Opus is a company that provides energy to businesses in the UK and they have recently released new research which shows that most small businesses are willing to start using smart meters. The survey involved 500 leaders of small businesses and showed that they understand the many benefits of installing this sort of meter at their business premises.

Around 40 percent of those who responded to the survey said that they thought the main benefit of installing one of these meters was their ability to look at the amount of energy they were using in real-time. Around 35 percent of those who responded to the survey also said that they would welcome the greater accuracy of the smart reader rather than the traditional way of taking meter readings.

The Department for Energy has recently said that in the near future all businesses and homes are going to be able to have a smart meter. This system is going to involve 50 million electricity and gas meters being replaced. The Department has said that the major part of the rollout will begin in 2014 and it is expected that most of it will be finished by 2020.

Opus energy have said that they expect to be installing 40,000 of the new meters by the end of the year, a far more ambitious target than the governments. The survey also showed that around 15 percent of those small businesses that they surveyed already had a smart meter. However, the companies which choose to get their energy from Opus, have a higher percentage of smart meters, with around 25 percent of companies having them.

The company said that they want to increase the number of smart meters they were installing dramatically and they hope that they will have smart meters installed in all of their business customer’s premises before 2020.

The company are encouraging people to switch over by offering the smart meters at no charge. A representative from the company commented, “Nearly 60 percent of our customers who don’t have a smart meter have been seeking information about the installation of one.”