Printing ideas for promotional clothing

Promotional clothing – whether it’s polo shirts, roundneck T-shirts or sweatshirts – is incredibly useful for all kinds of businesses. Suitable for use as everything from staff uniform to training wear for athletes, printed or embroidered apparel provides a great way to raise awareness of a company, brand or cause.

If you are looking to invest in promotional workwear, for whatever reason, think carefully about the design you’ll use.

Indeed, there are many different ways that clothing can be emblazoned with company branding whether it’s digital printing, screen printing or embroidery. Digital or transfer printing is ideal if your artwork contains tints and tones or you’d like to reproduce “photographic” artwork.

Perhaps the most popular print position – whether it’s for a logo, call to action or something else – is on the left breast.

Having your organisation’s logo on the left breast, works particularly well on promotional polo shirts that are worn by customer-facing staff. In doing so, people who are visiting your store can easily recognise exactly who they need to speak to in the event they have a query or wish to make a purchase.

It’s also worth thinking about having your details printed on the back of promotional polo tops (namely, because of the large print area). Doing so provides a much greater surface area for information to be placed on. You’re probably familiar with T-shirts promoting rock bands that feature a list of concert dates on the back of the garment. If you’re a retailer, it’s an idea to print details of where in the country your stores are located and your company’s contact details.

You will have, of course, heard the famous saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and this is certainly something that can apply when using printed polo shirts. Using images on clothing is an effective way to communicate concepts that can be hard to convey with words, while it’s also worth bearing in mind that pictures can be seen from a much greater distance than text.

This means that if your polo shirts are worn in a public setting, your brand will be seen by a much wider audience, offering a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of your company even further.

No matter where you want to print or embroider your marketing information on a polo shirt, think about the garment colour coupled with the print colour. Obviously, these should contrast (people will struggle to read pale text on a white T-shirt, for example). So, it’s worth considering which options will provide the most eye-catching visual effect, while also remaining consistent with your company’s overall brand.

Does your organisation use promotional clothing as part of their marketing strategy? What garments do you use? Please let us know by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!