Public liability cover for small businesses

As most sizeable businesses will accept that public liability cover is a must, many small businesses, who count every penny, often think that it is an unnecessary expense. To be perfectly clear from the outset, it is only compulsory in a small number of businesses, unlike employee liability cover, but many business owners tend to prefer to err on the side of caution and would rather have themselves covered in all areas, public liability included.

It is the sole discretion of the manager or owner of the business whether they are going to cover themselves should a public liability claim be made against them. This specialist cover is all about protection; of both the businesses and your own personal assets should a third party make a claim for compensation against you for either personal damages or if something has gone awry when a member of your company is on their premises.

>We live in a society that is becoming ever more litigious, and you need to stop and consider for a moment the worst possible scenario and think about how both the compensation claim itself, as well as the accompanying legal fees, can effect your business to such an extent that it closes down.

These tend to escalate very quickly, and if there isn’t enough money in the business to cover it you could lose the business you have worked so hard to make a success, or your own personal assets, or both. This is just one of the reasons why personal liability cover can be even more important for a small business than a larger one, as chances are the latter will have the funds available to pay any damages awarded.

If a claim is made against a small operation or a one man business, the result can be catastrophic. You need to seriously think about what risks exist, and however remote these may seem, if there is any kind of risk involved, you should take out personal liability insurance sooner rather than later. Full details can be found online at a specialist website such as

You can assess the risks easily, if you have visitors or customers coming into your premises, however rarely, or your line of work can take you to their properties, then you need public liability cover. You should also be covered if you work outdoors, an example being that someone working up a ladder could drop a tool and it landed on a passer by causing an injury.

It is sometimes understandable that a business with a very low risk factor would think twice about paying for this type of cover, but the cost of the monthly premiums will pale in comparison to being hit with a compensation claim.

There are several different parts that go together to make a complete public liability policy, such as personal injury cover, damage cover and also legal cover, which takes care of the often extortionate legal fees involved in a court case.