Questions asked about SME government opportunities

Mark Williams, the Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for Ceredigion, has questioned Frances Maude, the cabinet officer minister, to seek some assurance that the government will be looking out for small businesses when they tender for work, particularly in light of the recent proposals to ensure that businesses in the UK were more involved in the government procurement process.

The minister recently outline proposals to ensure that the government works with businesses in the UK in order that they can achieve success in gaining contracts for work that has been tendered by the government, as this a value of £60bn.

There is, however, a concern amongst those who run small businesses that smaller contracts are becoming increasingly aggregated by the public sector into the larger contracts, and that small businesses will still miss out as the contracts are becoming inaccessible.

Mark Williams has said that while he commends the aims of the governments proposals regarding procurement, he was concerned by the reports from many owners of small businesses that they are still going to miss out due to the sheer size of the public sector contracts, and that there was a very high number of small businesses within Ceredigion.

He added that the minister’s had given assurance that small businesses will still be able to win this work, and that he was continuing to champion this to ensure that the plight of small businesses in never forgotten, and this was particularly pertinent in the current economic clime.