Reducing paperwork can greatly improve the chances of your business succeeding

Business owners have to keep track of many details, some of which can make the difference between success and failure. Just a couple of tips may be useful; if you aren’t already using them, consider how they might improve your income and reduce your paperwork.

Social networking is not just for keeping up with your pals or airing your grievances; experience has proven that it makes a world of difference in business also. As a supplier of goods or services, you don’t want to try and sell your product on Facebook or Twitter; you want to engage with the people who will be interested and let them know about your company and what you offer. It’s an opportunity to show yourself and your business as an excellent resource for potential clients.

Many a small business has come to grief from paying too much for the supplies they buy wholesale.

Don’t jump at the first one you find with the product you need; shop around because there can be a considerable difference in the prices. Keep the number of suppliers to a minimum as it cuts down on shipping costs and irregular deliveries, (not to mention air pollution).

In the case of regular suppliers, communicate by phone rather than text or paper. A one-on-one discussion with a ‘live’ person engenders a rapport that makes negotiations smoother and keeps problems of mis-communication to a minimum.

One more aspect to consider is packaging; personalised and recognizable packaging with a logo or other attractive design make your products stand out from the rest. You can order custom packaging but it is expensive; if that’s your plan be sure you shop around for the best price. The other option is just adding stickers of your own design to stock packaging; it’s cheaper and usually looks just as good and works just as well.