Roger Federer Foundation’s efforts in Malawi video

Have you ever wonder how your money goes to use in other countries when you donate to charity? If you have ever thought about how useful missionary and charity work is then you might want to watch Credit Suisse’s documentary on the Roger Federer Foundation’s efforts in Malawi for an in-depth look at how just a little change can make a large impact on a country.


The Foundation sponsors work in nearly a dozen locations that are generally considered to be impoverished and have a lack of quality education choices for children. Its governing principle is that with the right education children can start to take control of their lives and build a positive future, even if they have not had a strong start.

The work shown in the video series is astounding, as the documentary crew films the continual work of the project leaders and shows the result of the initiative as it continues to spread and gain strength in the community. Right now the initiative is estimated to have reached 6,400 children in Malawi, but the Foundation which is working in the country along with ActionAid NGOs is hoping to reach as many as 65,000 children over the next decade.

Well into the series, interested viewers can now watch the fourth episode to see how the kitchen is now being used fully in one town while another town has seen their childcare center officially open. One of the main characters is also now able to attend school and watching his assimilation to the educational atmosphere is heartwarming.

The entire series follows five project leaders, two carers, a representative from ActionAid Malawi, and three of the children that are involved in the project. While the series is interesting, it is the stories of the children that really shine throughout the entire documentary and make it worth tuning into on a regular basis.