Santander announce internship programme

Santander, the Spanish owned bank, have recently stated that they are going to be organising an internship programme which is going to see graduates in the UK placed with small and medium-sized companies.

The bank has said that they are working with nearly 60 universities in the UK in order to encourage university graduates to understand the benefits of working for a small company. They are specifically going to be targeting recent graduates as well as those studying in their final year.

The bank are going to be working closely with universities in order to find students who would really benefit from the scheme. What is most important is the bank are going to be helping to fund the salaries that these interns will be paid at their jobs.

They said that they are going to be paying half of the basic salary package for students to participate. The small companies are then going to have to pay the other 50 percent themselves, although it is thought that the universities organising the internships will sometimes foot the bill.

The chief executive of the bank in the UK is Ana Botin who stated that it is going to be an important way to tackle unemployment among the youth in the UK, which is one of the most pressing issues facing economy.

Botin commented, “We think that this is going to open up a wide pool of talent to small businesses in the UK and allow small businesses to take their operations up to the next level. We also think it’s really going to help young people understand why working for a small business can be the best option.”