Setting up an Office

When a business starts to grow in numbers, more office space is required, and sometimes it can be tricky to strike the balance of finding the right office for your current and future needs.

If you already have a certain number of employees packed into one small room, you will need to think about how this environment affects their work.  This may be a good idea for the short term until you acquire more space, or more business, but for the long term you will need to think about acquiring more room.


While funds may be tight if you are a start-up business, and you have borrowed and bought second hand furniture to keep costs down, once you start earning a profit it may be an idea to buy furniture that comes as a set.

This is particularly useful when you have a small office space, as odd bits of furniture are harder to organise in a room compared to desks and drawers that are the same length and depth.

If all your furniture is the same type it will also make a small office look tidier and less cluttered, which in itself will help the mind frame of your workers.

Office Equipment

When looking for suitable office space you also need to think about other devices you’ll need and storage units.  Even if you do not need them straight away, if your business is expanding it may be likely you will need a printer, a paper shredder and a photocopier for example.

These can take up quite a lot of room, so consider carefully where you place them in the office.  Also think about who will use them and whether that person could disturb the work of other employees working next to these devices.

Plug Sockets

Another important point to consider when looking at different offices is how many plug sockets there are.

These are especially important should you have a number of different computers and other gadgets like office shredders and scanners.

While you can get extension leads to solve the problem of a computer not being near to a plug socket, too many leads in an office can cause problems.

Make sure your office also has air conditioning and good working central heating.  To get the best out of your employees, the temperature in the office must suit their needs.