Small Business Security – Keeping small businesses safe and sound

From managing the cash flow to keeping on top of overheads, small business owners have plenty to keep them busy. That’s not to mention things like advertising, recruitment and payroll.

The last thing that any small business owner needs in their place of work is a break-in to their premises. Shockingly, in 2010 Britain was hit by three burglaries every two minutes. That’s a burglary every 40 seconds.

With a robbery posing a serious setback for any small business, here are the best ways to keep a property safe from the threats of burglars.

Good quality doors

Doors are just as vital as locks. There’s no point spending money on expensive locks if a door simply won’t stand the pressure of being forced.

Always protect your business premises with high quality doors, such as Safestyle uPVC replacement doors. Avoid fragile decorative panels and instead replace with toughened glass or laminated glass panels.

Good quality locks

Make sure the windows and doors on the business are always fitted with good-quality locks, as a burglar is less likely to break in if they have to smash a window. Be sure to always lock windows and doors, even if you’re only going out for a few minutes.

Affordable security products

From burglar alarms to decoy sensors, there’s a huge range of security products available on the market to keep a business property secure. Some products might include:

Burglar alarms: Burglar alarms are a tried and tested method of keeping your business secure. If you install a burglar alarm, make sure it is visible as a deterrent to criminals.

Hub: A small business requires a digital centre that brings all of the business owner’s products together. It allows them to connect to all of their business monitoring devices in real-time, via an online dashboard.
Key fobs: This allows owners to switch security alarms on and off like a car lock at the time that suits them best.

Motion sensors: Motion sensors detect any suspicious movement in the area around the business.

Decoy sirens: Decoys are an affordable way to give would-be intruders the illusion that the business property is extremely secure.

Timer switch: Nearly all break-ins happen during the night. Timer switches allow business owners to turn on lights and appliances that give the impression somebody is on the premises at all times.

Safe business tips:

Always keep keys away from windows and doors.
Always keep some lights on when you are leaving the business premises unoccupied.
Visible property alarm systems, locks or grilles and security lighting are excellent deterrents
If you’re going to be away from the business property for more than a few days, perhaps over bank holiday weekends, arrange to cancel any deliveries and have someone pick up the post.
Don’t publicise times that the business will be closed on social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, as it will attract negative attention to the unattended premises.