SME reap more benefits from the Royals than the Olympics

According to new research conducted by Aldermore the banking agent, British SMEs feel that the Monarchy benefited their business prospects much more this past summer than the Olympic Games.

About two-thirds of the SMEs questioned as part of the survey stated that the Olympics did help positively impact their businesses, but an overwhelming 88% stated that the Royal Family do more to help smaller enterprises on a regular basis and thus are much more helpful to them. In addition, another 73% stated that they disagreed with the idea that funding should be spent on jobs and not the monarchy.

The research included input from over three hundred SME firms spread throughout England, and also confirmed that about half of all business owners are working harder now than they did a year ago and another third are now taking less holiday time then they did in the past. Another third stated that they now tend to work at least one day per weekend.

Managing Director at Aldermore Asset Finance, George Ashworth, stated that it is not just the Royal Family that is working hard to support the businesses in Great Britain, but it is also the thousands of business owners that are running their SMEs across England.

He added the tough economic climate forces British bosses to give it their all in order to keep their businesses moving forward in the right direction, and it is clear that they are appreciative of anyone that chooses to help such as the Queen. Aldermore was established back in 2009 and since then has already lent SMEs about one billion pounds in financing throughout the UK and has watched its client base increase over the past year by over 50%.