SMEs in the EU will be key factor in future green economy

A recent survey has been published by the European Commission which examines how small businesses in the European Union are going to become the most important part of a new green economy. The survey showed that over 90 percent of small enterprises based in the European Union are currently taking at least one effort to become more environmentally efficient.

These figures are particularly impressive when you compare them to large corporations, who are generally less effective at reducing their footprint on the environment. The survey also showed how eight in every ten small enterprises are going to be increasing their resource efficiency over the next two years.

A minority of companies, according to the survey, are not interested in reducing their impact on the environment. Of the less than 10 percent that aren’t taking efforts to become more resource efficient, 80 percent of these said they don’t have any interest in improving their efficiency in the future.

The survey also showed that around 25 percent of businesses within the EU are offering green services or products. However, a much greater number are currently not offering any of these products at all.

There is long been an association that creating a green product means it has to be more expensive, but around 50 percent of the businesses surveyed said that one of the reasons they made green products was because the finances around them where worth it.

One of the reasons that green products are so financially viable is because the customer is demanding them. Interestingly however, one of the main reasons some companies gave for not developing green products was because they were not in line with their corporate image. Overall, the survey showed that the number of green products and services in the EU is increasing.