SMEs look for more flexible workforce

The uncertain state of the market in the UK has meant companies are looking to hire a more flexible workforce, rather than long-term employees. Many small companies are using remote workers and freelancers to make up the workforce as this allows companies to easily expand or reduce their requirements depending on their financial situation.

The same study has also shown that companies which are involved in international trading are doing much better than those who operate exclusively on the domestic market. 2000 SMEs were involved in the survey and over 40% of them said that they plan to hire staff on a freelance basis within the next year. Nearly a third of them who said they wanted permanent staff said they would hire people who are working remotely.

Regus are the company who conducted the survey and Celia Donne is the regional director. She has commented, “Freelance and remote workers are a good way for small companies to increase the amount of work they can do without having to increase the number of people that they employ on a permanent basis. Around 30% of the people in the UK are currently regarded as flexible workers, which shows that a significant shift in the UK employment market has already taken place.”

About the improved performance for trade internationally she has commented, “Small businesses that are only trading domestically should look at those trading in overseas markets as they are performing significantly better, expanding internationally might be a good business opportunity.”